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Prepare for the future by turning to our Tooele, Utah, law office for estate planning and other legal services.  Frank T. Mohlman has more than 30 years of legal and civic experience. Mr. Mohlman  has experience with criminal prosecution and defense, corporate legal counsel, real estate issues, adoption both private and agency and has many years experience in estate planning and probate.   As an  experienced attorney, you are guaranteed expert knowledge on matters of:

  • Estate Planning - Wills and Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Business Law
  • Adoption
  • Probate
  • Guardianship

Contact us right away at (435) 882-4800 or toll free (866) 651-9619 to schedule your consultation.


Frank T. Mohlman offers an initial free consultation regarding estate planning.  During your free consultation, Mr. Mohlman will discuss the differences between a Living Trust and a Will.  He will also discuss other documents you may need in order to prepare a complete estate plan. By understanding the many avenues available to you, he will guide you in making a sound decision as to which documents best suit your particular circumstances.   Learn more about the estate planning documents we offer please refer to  our helpful guide*.

Already have an estate plan in place Frank T. Mohlman, will review your existing estate plan for free.  An estate plan should be reviewed on a regular basis, but is especially important when your circumstances have changed.  If your spouse has passed away, or you've become divorced, remarried or have had a significant change in your assets, you should definitely have your estate plan reviewed.   


There are many facets of real estate and Frank T. Mohlman has experience with many of them including preparing and reviewing real estate contracts, rental issues, and other real estate issues.  Mr. Mohlman works with many title insurance companies in the area and is a licensed title insurance and escrow agent.


Frank T. Mohlman can help you create your business by preparing contracts, as well as helping you create Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) and Small Business Corporations.


As an experienced adoption attorney, Frank T. Mohlman has helped many families with private adoptions, agency adoptions and step-parent adoptions.  You can trust his expertise to prepare the many legal documents necessary in the adoption process and will represent you in court before the judge at the appropriate time.


Frank T. Mohlman is a well-qualified probate attorney who will  provide you with exceptional legal assistance. With his years of experience, he will guide you through the probate process and prepare all the court documents needed to establish the legal Personal Representative of the estate.  He will also represent you in any court proceedings. 


A guardianship may need to be established in order to provide assistance to an elderly parent, a mentally or physically challenged person or to legally take care of a minor child in your care.  Frank T. Mohlman will prepare the legal documents necessary in establishing a legal guardianship or help you dismiss an established guardianship.


If you are responsible for the care of a mentally or physically challenged individual, and are worried what will happen to them when you pass away, then you should call Frank T. Mohlman.  He will advise you regarding a SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST - what it is and how it can help you in this situation.  Mr. Mohlman has helped many families in these circumstances and has given them much needed peace of mind.

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